A much, much more in-depth reaction to this whole nutty shebang forthcoming this afternoon, but there’s no reason not toget this out of the way first. And so I’m very happy to announce that the Selected Ten are:

Christopher Hills Eaton

Claire d’Este

Damian O’Neil

Dan Johnson

Delaney McNeal

Emily Bolcik

Jerren Lauder & Jesse Federman

Louis Bennett

Rachel Woolley

Sabina Giado

Cliched, I know, but…this became a REALLY tough cull at one point. For the longest time there were  a couple Submissions that were a  lock, but filling out the rest of the field caused me quite a bit of consternation. Honestly broke my heart to finally file away the last five or six. Thus, a couple handfuls of you who DIDN’T make it will be receiving an email from me anyway, because you were right in the pocket. Will burn through those in the next couple of days.

To the Ten: It feels a little conceited congratulating you for meeting my schizoid and totally insular expectations, but for what it’s worth…you know, congratulations 🙂 You’ll be hearing from me soon as well.

One thought on “THE SELECTED TEN

  1. Scott says:

    All of these are pseudonyms I created.

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