Oh, this should be interesting.

As many of you know, we’re upon the 100th Anniversary of Charlie Chaplin appearing in film. As you also already know, he’s one of the most iconic entertainers of all time. In any medium. He’s just as relevant today as he ever was – maybe moreso, in terms of full-fledged influence and all-encompassing importance. In short, he is a Titan of Humanity.

But here’s the thing: I don’t really care.

OK, that’s a little misleading. I respect Chaplin’s contributions to the medium and profession I love. I just don’t revere him like I probably should. I saw a couple of his films in college. I enjoyed them. I’ve felt no need to revisit or seek out more. On the same side of the die, I also respect and admire the Silent Film Era…but I’m not really much of a silent film guy. I’m an appreciator, but hardly a fan. Though I will admit a throbbing pleasure for all things THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI.

I digress.

Use your words to tell me why I should care more, why I’m very stupid, why I should have my Film Nerd card revoked. Convince me that I should worship Chaplin in the way you do. I am up for having my mind tweaked in this regard.

Let me know by Noon PST this Wednesday 30 January, either in the comments here or on Twitter (@DrGMLaTulippe). I realize that’s short notice, but you’re short people. Neener.


  1. fejumas says:

    Do Chaplin-philes actually exist? Do they go gaga over CC like fanboys do over JJ Abrams? Or is it a more restrained admiration?

    The husband just put The Kid at the top of the Netflix queue. Why? Beats me ‘cuz I have no interest in seeing it, and he’s no Chaplin fanboy. I’m with you – I respect and appreciate the spot he occupies in American film history but that’s about it. If that point of view means having your Nerd Film revoked, then this is indeed a cold, cold world.

  2. Shawn says:

    Aren’t you a year early with your outrage? He made his debut in 1914.

    • DrGMLaTulippe says:

      Um…not sure what “outrage” you’re seeing, but yes. SOMEONE at the Broken Projector was indeed a year off in his calculations. I shan’t say whom.

  3. Zak says:

    I’m past the noon Wednesday deadline, but I wanted to chime in anyways…

    After spending 8 weeks on Chaplin in a class last semester, i grew a deep admiration for Chaplin films. To me, his greatness really starts in 1921 with The Kid. While The Immigrant and several of his shorts are really entertaining, you don’t quite see his range in those. The stories may come off as cheesy in his films after The Kid, but his performances are fantastic–at least to me. His greatest movie, in my opinion, is The Great Dictator. Interesting story with a great performance from Chaplin. Good enough to place him on Hitler’s hit list.

  4. DrGMLaTulippe says:

    Thanks all for the comments. Think you’ll enjoy this segment on Friday.

  5. DD says:

    I’m so late. I’m always late.

    But, dude, Zak – you spent 8 weeks in a class on Chaplin? What school was this? Please send or share the syllabus so I can forward it to the dipwads, I mean department heads at my ridiculously expensive arse school in NYC, thanks.

    • Zak says:

      I currently attend Virginia Tech. The class was titled The Cinema Director, the first 8 weeks were on Chaplin’s films, the second 8 weeks were Hitchcock. Such a great class. Shoot me an email at and I’ll try to find that syllabus for you.

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