I got an email a couple of days ago from Drew at Camp Sweeney of the Alameda County Library. He was psyched to have received some donations of not only graphic novels, comics and the like, but also money as well. That is awesome. I don’t even have another word for it.

And I just want you to know I love you guys.

That in mind, one last push: now that Xmas has come and past, you might notice that you have less space than you did previously. Is some of that space still being taken up by graphic novels, comics, pulp fiction, etc that you just simply don’t need anymore? If so, PLEASE ship them to Drew at Camp Sweeney. He’s just received the go-ahead (and funds!) to start a filmmaking club as well, so if you have anything pertaining to that and no longer need it, it could be exceptionally helpful to those young men and boys who have a shot to turn their lives around. And you will have my undying gratitude and reverence, which with a dollar will get you a cup of coffee.

But that will be some good fucking coffee. I promise.

The address again – and seriously, you guys. Thanks.

Alameda County Library
RE Andrew/Camp Sweeney
2450 Stevenson Blvd
Fremont CA 94538

PS – If you’re concerned about the cost of shipping, ask your local Post Office to send everything by Media Mail. It’s dirt cheap.

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