If you’re here on accident – which is highly likely – then welcome! A little bit about myself:

–I’m Geoff.

–I have a beard.

–I’m a screenwriter.

–I wrote the movie GOING THE DISTANCE, which you didn’t see.

–I have other movies set up at other places. Statistics suggest you won’t see those either. Because statistics suggest they won’t get made. That in mind, I’m certainly trying, because like most people in this industry, I’m insane.

–I’m really into bonsai. Don’t ask how I got there.

Now, if you’re here on purpose…I’m sorry. Whatever you were expecting to find here, you’re going to be disappointed. As long as you’re OK with that…enjoy yourself! Seems reasonable, yes? Good.

Oh, what am I DOING here? Fluffing my ego mostly.

I’ve got some stuff coming down the pike professionally, so I’d like to discuss that here when I can. I also have a shitload of interests, and I’m conceited enough to believe that you are interested in my interests. I feel like most of those interests are writing, and the philosophy of screenwriting (of which, mine is pretty simple), and I’m likely to mewl generally in that direction. Often. But I’m sure there will be other stuff, too.

So if I see a great movie, or buy something cool, or see something cool that I’d like to buy, I might talk about it here. Also, I might talk about literally anything else.

I’m also pretty political, so I’m sure that powderkeg will get blown up from time to time. I have the typical male addiction to sports, so that too (hopefully you really dig my ruminations on the Browns, Indians and Nittany Lions). Also, as mentioned…I might talk about literally anything else.

But what I’d like to do most is help, because I’m a terrific human being. Specifically if you’d like to break into the film industry. I’m coming up on my ninth year in the drink, and I’ve picked up a little along the way. Whatever I’ve learned, whatever I’ve seen, I’d like to pass – much like a very sexy idea-based STD – on to you. This will come in the form of things that just normally pop into my head, predominantly, but I’m also looking forward to answering any questions YOU might have that you haven’t (or, hell, if you already have) asked me on Facebook or Twitter. So email me at, and I shall thereby attempt to infect you with my opinions.

Realistically: like almost every other endeavor in my life, I will probably get real excited about this for six weeks and then move on to something else, leaving it crippled and dying in my wake. I mean, probably not. But maybe. Just a warning.

2 thoughts on “SO I GUESS I’M HERE NOW

  1. Christina says:

    Hi Geoff,

    Looking forward to your posts. I read GOING THE DISTANCE before it was made. I was in a long distance relationship that played out the same way it did in your script, so it rang true. Maybe a little too true.

    And keep posting on Done Deal! It helps when pros interject with reality.


  2. E.C. Henry says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Geoff LaTulippe! Got here by a post by the Bitter Script Reader. Also saw that Emily Blake over at Bamboo Killers was giving you some love.

    Love the sarcastic barb in your banner, “Congradulations. You just just got dumber.” Funny stuff. You like the Browns, Indians and Nitty Lions? Come on, man, time to upgrade – become an offical Seattle Seahawks fan. 😉 (I live about 50 miles south of Seattle, WA, FYI — AND I’m going to the Seahawks vs. 49ers game on December 23 — which COULD BE for the NFC West crown, fingers crossed)

    Don’t get bored with your blog. RATHER use it as means to socialize with people. Besides, IF you use your blog the right way it also can be an outlet for your creative side.

    Anywho, glad to see you have your own blog now, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    – E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

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